Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch this space: not for linguists only

Many things have been said about Mikael Parkvall's Limits of Language: "[I] almost immediately fell in love with it," it is "funny, but also quite serious and useful in many ways," it caters "brilliantly to my utter fascination with words and all things language-related," and so on.

One thing that Limits of Language has not been called, however, is "daily."

But that is about to change. Starting June 1--tomorrow as I post this--the Linguist's Calendar will begin serial publication on this blog. One entry for each day of the year. The plan is to fill out with other goodies from the book here and there, and beyond that.

The best part: This is not for linguists only! Anyone can join the fun, and if you add your name to the subscribers' list (it is oh so easy—just enter your preferred email address into the form on the right side of this page under the "Follow by Email" heading; unsubscribe any time you want), you will be rewarded each day with a bit of language history you may not have known, along with added value not available in book form: clickable links.

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